Phoenix’s Story; The Importance of Microchipping Your Pet

One morning in March, two stray dogs that were found sleeping in a city resident’s garage were brought to the shelter. The two dogs seemed like a pair and were bonded by companionship. As a part of RAS’ initial assessment protocol, the dogs were checked for identification including scanning for a microchip. Unfortunately, the female dog had none but the senior male dog had a microchip and the research began to find his owner and where he came from.

The RAS Client Specialist team contacted the company and learned this dog was named “Phoenix” and was reported STOLEN in October 2013 as a five month old puppy. Later that evening the registered pet owner, Sharon, was called and was shocked to hear the news. Sharon just couldn’t believe she was receiving a call in regards to “Phoenix,” who she presumed to have been stolen almost EIGHT YEARS ago.

Sharon emotionally explained that Phoenix was a gift to her family and grandchildren and they were excited for the family dog to grow up with them. After Phoenix went missing, the family spent months looking for him and reporting the dog as stolen. She was convinced she would never see Phoenix again. Sharon had since moved to Alabama and continued life without Phoenix but thought of him often. She assured RAS staff she would call her local family members to welcome Phoenix home as soon as possible. She did not want to miss the opportunity to have her beloved pet brought home safely.

Shortly after that call, Sharon’s son arrived with a smile, ready to lay eyes on his childhood pup who was now a senior dog. They were reunited and face-timed Sharon from the Animal Services Center so she could join the happy meeting. To help make his transition more comfortable, the Community Outreach & Support Team provided Phoenix and his family with some basic necessities, as the family was not expecting a dog to be joining their home so quickly.

We are thrilled for Phoenix and his family and now they can rest easy with their happy ending. This story is a testament to the importance of ensuring our pets are identifiable. Microchips are an important component in that process. How fortunate that Phoenix’s family took the time to register their information with the microchip company. Have you registered yours?